Her Ladyship Nest ffynnon
Her Ladyship Nest, Taken by Lady Cadlae Locha Erne/Kristina Hill. Used with permission.
Companion of the Falcon's Heart
Order of the Silver Hammer
Order of the Golden Calon Swan
Order of the Torse
Order of the Leather Mallet
Award of Arms
Azure, a daffodil, bell to chief, Or and a bordure argent
Device registered: November 2012
Her Ladyship Nest ffynnon was born ca 1160 in Acre in the holy lands.

My father, Berenger, a trader, was born in Barcelona, and my mother, Meriam, was born in Arles. I have relatives in every major port in the Mediterranean, and traveled extensively as a child. I was educated with my brothers in languages and mathematics, and trained (as was proper for a girl) in the domestic arts which included sewing and basic medicine.

As is necessary for intercultural trading, I developed the ability to "fit in" with the local cultures.

I was married at fifteen to a man chosen by my grandmother; advantageous for the family but not to my tastes. I was not disappointed to learn he died in his travels. I was then married a second time, again not necessarily happily, to someone chosen by the family.

Again, widowed soon after, and remaining childless, I pledged myself as a lay-sister to the Hospitallers. The advantage here being that I was not allowed to marry without the permission of the Hospitallers, and they would not allow me to marry anyone not of my own choosing.

I traveled as requested by the Hospitallers. I was present at the siege and fall of Jerusalem, and, fortunately, had the finances to purchase the ransom of myself and my household.

I retreated to Acre, and Cypress, then wherever the Hospitallers sent me, usually sea ports on the Mediterranean. Most of my life has been spent in large cities in the desert, or in sea ports.

I tire of the arguments of religion and the intrigues of civilization. I have recently met someone from Wales who tells me of a land of green mountains, full of healing springs, and where there are few towns.

I dream of traveling there, and finding a spring where I can live as a hermit healer, tending a small garden and a few sheep as fits my needs.

Copyright 2009 Nest ffynnon/ Edie Hays