Her Ladyship Cadlae Locha Erne
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Companion of the Falcon's Heart
Cross of Calontir
Order of the Boga Fyrd
Order of the Leather Mallet
Order of the Torse
Award of Arms

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Her Ladyship Cadlae Locha Erne was born in the mid-tenth century near Luimneach (Limerick), Ireland; the product of a lesser noblewoman and a Norse trader.

Cadlae was roughly seven years old when the Norsewere driven from Luimneach by the local Irish noblesin the year 968. Fearing for their safety, the family attempted to flee to Dubhlinn (Dublin) for protection. However, the family was ambushed along the road, and Cadlaes father was killed.

Cadlae and her mother continued to run, finally finding refuge at the Durrow monastery, west of the River Boyne. It is here that Cadlae spent the remainder of her childhood. Although not formally endorsed for an education due to her gender, Cadlae proved to be a quick learner when subjects interested her, learning to read and speak Latin, decipher numbers, and discuss philosophy.

In her free time, she was either to be found in the kitchen or the garden, and quickly gained a reputation as a excellent cook. Her mothers concerns regarding old enemies also propelled Cadlae towards the art of defense; at a young age, Cadlae took to and became known for her skill with the bow.

The year Cadlae turned 15, she was wooed away from Durrow by a young trader. They were wed in the harbor of Dubhlinn, and Cadlae soon found herself with child. Tragedy struck again when her young husband was lost at sea before the baby was born. Struck by the need to leave Dubhlinn, Cadlae took the child and, using the skills obtained at Durrow, left Ireland.

Over the next few years, she and the boy traveled and saw many different places. Many adventures (and several years) later, Cadlae found herself in Northern Ireland. Content to remain anonymous amongst some of her kinsmen, Cadlae moved to a small island on Locha Erne, taking the name of the place as her own.

It is here that she found, and fell in love, with a tall(occasionally cranky) Scotsman. And it is here that she presently resides, doing those things that she loves most.

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