Lady Catin of Edington
Copyright Kristina Hill/Cadlae Locha Erne, 2008. Used with permission. Companion of the Falcon's Heart
Order of the Golden Calon Swan
Order of the Torse
Award of Arms
Per chevron vert and purpure, two trilliums inverted and a swan naiant argent Device registered: September 2006

I was born in the shire of Edington, Britain, in the year 988. I was born to a craftsman father who was an accomplished carpenter and cabinetmaker. He could work wonders with wood! His marriage to a stern but loving woman was blessed with three daughters of whom I was the eldest. Alas, he had no sons! The occasion of my birth was a joyous one for they had been married 2 years with no hint of a babe. Since my father had no sons I did more than my fair share of the manual chores and duties which suited me well and made me a strong independent woman.

My father had somewhat despaired of me ever finding a suitable mate as I was 24 years old before I married. A wandering Saxon caught my fancy though my first sight of him did not impress. He was tall and stout with a scraggly beard but his bright blue eyes and good teeth won me over. He also had a way with words that made me laugh out loud! We got along well but only managed to produce one child and alas, it was a daughter!

My Saxon man, Thomas Fleischer, was without work but he managed to get himself apprenticed at the local meat shop and eventually became an accomplished butcher. This suited me as it allowed me to stay close to my parents and sisters. Thomas was an excellent provider for us and for my parents. Our table was never lacking meat as long as he could hunt and fish.

Because of my mothers problems getting with child and my own lack of many offspring I became fascinated with the whole process of birthing and caring for babies. I started following the Shire midwife to each birth and offering my help in exchange for the knowledge I might acquire. Over the years I gained much wisdom in womens ways and as the population of the area grew I was called upon to attend births by myself.

I work still, traveling around hill and dale aiding women and mothers in need of my knowledge, wisdom and kind smile.

Copyright 2009 Catin of Edington/ Cathy Glueck