HL James Inn Danski
Lord James Order of the Dragon's Claw of Dragonsspine(Outlands)
Companion of the Falcon's Heart
Order of the Boga-Hirth
Order of the Leather Mallet
Order of the Torse
Order of the Boga-Fyrd
Order of the Iren-Fyrd
Gules, a wolf rampant and on a chief argent three crosses barby fitchy sable Device registered: February 2002
Persona Time: 1017
From Jutland, Denmark Currently Nottingham, England

Born 976 Jutland (Denmark), my father was a Huscarl who soon after accepted commission to station the round fort at Fyrkat. The son of a Huscarl carries many privileges and I had a reasonably simple but happy childhood.

As the fourth child (third son) however I stood to inherit no rank or holdings. On my fourteenth year, I said goodbye to family and friends and set out to make my fortune. Finding my way to the coast I was easily persuaded to set sail with a crew on one of the sleek dragon ships. My first and perhaps longest voyage led to what is today known as Iceland and Greenland, then on to a lumber camp in Markland (What is today known as Labrador, Canada).

Finding no fortune but the fearless and unkempt skraelings, my next voyage remained more towards the coast of what is today Called Europe. I made one other voyage towards Russia but felt more like a target sailing up rivers with close banks. I soon after discovered warmer climes and richer plunder more to the south, in England, France and Spain.

Eventually I fell in with the great chief Sweyn Forkbeark. When Sweyn died I continued with his son Knute who became first united king of England (and Denmark). For services as a soldier rendered to both his father and to himself King Knute awarded me some lands and cattle overlooking the Trent River near Nottingham.

It is there I have settled with the girl who discovered me during those harder times and younger days of glorious battles for which I now feel every ache and cut. Still my Aesa keeps me about and the skills I have learned in my travels keep my small holding going day to day.

What sorts of things do you enjoy learning about: Vikings, dog carting, history, SONGS!

What sorts of activities do you enjoy doing: Archery, mayhem, fighting, archery, eating, bardic circles, archery, friendship and did I say archery or mayhem perhaps?

What is your favorite memory of an event/meeting? The official induction hug of Lady Rose into the Daryls at the Autumn Arrows Bardic Circle.

What is your favorite song? The Leaving Song

Do you have a favorite annual event? Lilies War.
Why do you like it? Its ten days of total mayhem with the Shire (and the kingdom) I so enjoy

What do you do in your other life? Security Officer

What other places have you lived? Denmark and England. Visited (some places longer than others) Iceland, Greenland, Markland, Russia, France and Spain.

How long have you played in the SCA? Approximately six years

Do you belong to any households? Nope

What sorts of ambitions do you have? To make this the best Shire in the best kingdom of the SCA!

How did you find the SCA? Originally I had heard of it somewhere. I didnt start playing until my eldest son did. I wanted something to do that I could participate with my kids who had suddenly become grownups.

What award or accomplishment has meant the most to you? Adding to the glory of the Shire of Calanais Nuadh and Calontir!

What advice would you have for new SCAdians? Beware the Daryls (darrells, darryls, etc). More importantly have fun (even if you must associate with Daryls)!

What is your favorite movies in pre-1600 setting? 13th Warrior and Kingdom of Heaven

Copyright 2009 James Inn Danski/ James Thorsen