His Excellency Baron Master Jon Tristram
Baron Master Coffee. Copyright Mike WIlliams/Einarr Aldhund, 2008. Used with permission. Companion of the Falcon's Heart
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Queens Yeoman (Meridies)
Sanguine Mountain (Meridies)
Purpure, on a vol argent a trumpet palewise gules, and in chief a sheaf of arrows inverted Or Device registered: March 1998(via Meridies)

Jon Tristram was born the 6th of August, A.D. 1153, in Devon, England, during the reign of Stephen of Blois, the last true Norman King of England. His father was of Norman descent and was an under sheriff of Devon, as had been his father before him. His mother was of Saxon descent and the daughter of a master woodwright and boat builder. Jon spent his early life on his father's small estate in Devon with frequent trips to his maternal grandfather's shop near Exeter.

By age 15 he was spending much of his time with the yeomen and archers in the employ of the local Baron and the Constabulary. The following year (1169),he participated in the invasion of Ireland, lead by Richard FitzGilbert (known as Strongbow), Earl of Pembroke, in Wales, and did not return home until 1171. He spent the next year and a half studying at Glastonbury in Somerset.

At age 20 (1173) he fought alongside his father to help subdue a rebellion against King Henry II, the first Plantagenet King (who began his reign in 1154). In 1183, at age 30, leading a small force of yeomen and archers, he again answered the call of his King to assist in putting down a rebellion. Upon his return home, he was given the position of administrator over the township and shire where his father was undersheriff.

In 1189, Richard became King of England, but within 6 months had left for the crusades. Within the year, Prince John, Richard's brother, was in control of England, backed by their mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine. Jon was continually at odds with some of the Norman nobility over the treatment of the Saxon people. He continued in his position as administrator until King Richard's return in 1194. He has spent his time since then traveling, studying, and developing his skills as an archer.

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