Her Ladyship Luigsech ni Ifearnain
Lovely Lady. Copyright Mike Williams/Einarr Aldhund, 2008. Used with permission. Companion of the Falcon's Heart
Order of the Cross of Calontir
Order of the Torse
Order of the Golden Calon Swan
Order of the Boga Fyrd
Award of Arms
Vert, on a fess between three crescents Or, a lion passant guardant contourny azure Device registered: October 1993
Luigsech ni Ifearnain was born in Ireland in 974, the oldest girl in the family. Her brothers taught her to shoot a bow and hunt game. Her mother respected all peaceful people, even Danes. Her father, a bard and a scholar, earned a stipend writing letters and teaching at a school for boys. He taught Luigsech to read, an unusual accomplishment for a girl, and she learned the legends of great heroes like Cuchulain. Quick with numbers, she kept all the household accounts.

Her father once took her with him to Dublin. What new sights! Danes lived in peace with others,the markets had goods from over the seas,and people spoke unknown tongues. She yearned to see faraway places. When her father voyaged in the Ard Ri's service to trade exotic goods, Luigsech was his scribe and learned the tongues she heard spoken.

One day Luigsech met a Scot soldier, who greeted her, laughing. To his surprise, she replied in his language. His green eyes twinkling, he said she would be his wife! She did marry the dark haired Scot and traveled with him. She taught their five children to love learning and respect peaceful folk. After her children married, she wanted a quiet old age with her beloved husband, but this was not to be. He suddenly died from an old injury.

It is now 1014. The 73 year old High King, Brian Boru, has died in battle. Luigsech earns her keep by weaving and by teaching the village children. She hunts for meat and defends herself and her home with her bow. On cold winter nights, Luigsech sits alone by the fire and thinks back to happier times, dreaming of her laughing, handsome Scot.

Copyright 2009 Luigsech ni Ifearnain/ Lou Stewart