Mistress Roselyn of Aberdeen
Copyright Kristina Hill/Cadlae Locha Erne, 2008. Used with permission. Companion of the Falcon's Heart
Order of the Pelican
Order of the Silver Hammer
Order of the Cross of Calontir
Order of the Golden Calon Swan
Order of the Leather Mallet
Award of Arms
Quarterly azure and vert, a rose within a bordure engrailed Or Device registered: August 1994
Place: Aberdeen Scotland or there about Persona Time: 1316
Tell a bit of your persona story:
Irish war bride brought to Scotland (escaped from family in Ireland) during Edward the Bruces time in Ireland. On the way back to the small manor house near

What sorts of things do you enjoy learning about:
Costuming, hand sewing, embroidery, weaving, cooking, leatherworking, vinting, brewing, history of different places & cultures, herbalism, archery, metal working, shiney metals (ohhhhhhh, pretty.), pretty much anything new

What sorts of activities do you enjoy doing:
Helping at events whether that is being a kitchen slave, running a list, water-bearing, organizing childrens activities, organizing rush classes, sitting at troll, or whatever..

What is your favorite memory of an event/meeting?
Dancing we used to have dance practice and danced at several demos including an annual event in Rolla, called the Extravaganza and on several occasions, at the UMRs Madrigal Dinner.

What is your favorite song?
Crusaders Song or For Crown and for Kingdom.

Do you have a favorite annual event?
Lilies or Gulf Wars

Why do you like it?
Lilies, because of the excitement of seeing so many friends for an extended period of time. Gulf Wars, because you get to experience being part of Calontir in another kingdom.

What do you do in your other life?
I work in a school as the elementary counselor and work with technology, curriculum, grants, and other areas that keeps me moving.

What other places have you lived?
I was born in Maryland, but have only lived in Missouri, first in a small farming community, then I moved to Rolla to attend UMR and ended up staying.

How long have you played in the SCA?
About 15 years

Do you belong to any households or are you an associate?
Yes, House Katrei Im her first apprentice.

What sorts of ambitions do you have?
To successfully stay out of the eye of the Court and avoid having to go up in Court. which should be pretty easy with the current crown!

How did you find the SCA?
I was working about 50 hours a week and my husband told me to find something to do outside of education. I remembered seeing friend from college in the newspaper that belonged to this organization and called her (Sorgwen / Sciath). She was hosting a get-together at her house (how unusual) and I was intrigued so I kept coming back. I then dragged my family back with me. My husband became a well-respected archer, both in knowledge and skill. Unfortunately, due to some unfortunate occurrences, he has since quit playing and has fully occupied his time with another shooting sport. Both kids attended while in school, but now their lives are pretty full with careers and working, so neither of them attend much either.

What award or accomplishment has meant the most to you?
The accomplishment that has meant the most is to see the Childrens activities at Lilies expanded into the strong varied activities that it is today, with a variety of volunteers working with the young people allowing them to have as wonderful a time at Lilies as their parents.

Do you have any advice for the beginning SCAdian?
I would give a new person 2 pieces of advice, 1 try everything at least once, you never know what will spark an interest and ignite a passion and 2 this is for FUN, if you are not having fun look at what you are doing, fun is different for different people. OK, I need to say a third thing Be tolerant of others. Dont try to impose YOUR views, ethics, or FUN on others who seem to be different. Theres room for everyone to play.

What is your favorite movie in pre-1600 setting?
This was difficult, too many to chose from, I like a Lion in Winter (Katherine Hepburn & Peter OToole), Kingdom of Heaven (Orlando Bloom) , and The Court Jester (Danny Kaye) or A Knights Tale (Heath Ledger)

Copyright 2009 Roselyn of Aberdeen/ Rose Blair